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Photographs, like everything else we see, are fugitive illusions derived from light. It causes mist to rise, wind to blow, and rain to water the land. Scattering, sunlight makes the sky blue and red, and striking chlorophyll, it makes green plants grow. Animals harvest its energy as blades and stems and seeds. Gas, oil, coal, plastics, minerals, and metals are all vibrating particles of light. The atmosphere, the oceans, the very rocks of the planet are the distillate dross of our star.

Jim Bones

Photographer & Educator

Experienced in natural light photography and videography of landscapes, wilderness and sustainable agriculture sites.  Artist, satirist, photographic workshop instructor, lecturer and wilderness guide.

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The Collector's Portfolio Of Fine Art Prints

Blinded By Patriotism

The Tragic Comedy Of Commander And Thief

G. W. Chicknlittle



The Internationally Acclaimed
Uncensored Video

*** Director's Cut ***


A Neocon Chicknhawk Who Would Be Holy Emperor Of The World,
But Blinded By Towering Greed, Jingo Patriotism,
And False Faith,
Ends Up Just Another
Crispy Critter!

A Profound Visionary Illustrated Fable By © Jaime Huesos

“Run Henny Penny, before it’s too late, and tell the people, the Emperor has no feathers!”

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* Nondual Ecology *
In Praise Of Wilderness And In Search Of Harmony With Everything That Moves

* Gaia Theory *
The Whole Earth Is An Organism Regulating Itself

A Hard Clear Look At The Chances For Human Survival

* World Human Overpopulation Awareness *
Make World Human Overpopulation A Household Word

* Zero Population Growth/Population Connection *
No Human Endeavor Can Be Sustainable
Without Reducing Human Population To Sustainable Levels

This May Be The Most Humane Thing You Can Do
"Thanks For Not Breeding"

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